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How to Romance a Man for a Memorable Sex!

Contrary to the belief of many that a man does not need so much of romance to be in the mood for sex may not be true. Like women, men also need to be aroused, especially when there are conditions that seem to inhibit his libido. That’s why every wife must know how to romance a man.

Truly, an average man becomes aroused when he sees a naked woman. So, when your husband sees you in a seductive, transparent nightwear, his brain nerves will trigger the sex hormones to arouse him. With that alone, he may ejaculate without any physical contact with you if the arousal lingers on for a long time.

So, the first thing to knowing how to romance a man is that a man first imagines sex before he has it. It all starts in his brain when the eye gates see an erotic figure, of course you. A sexual scene is immediately created in his mind or imagination. The psychological response will lead to neurological response of his genitals.

Other sexual arousal means are erotic kissing and stroking of his body. Never think that men don’t want to be caressed too.

If you want to give the best sex ever to your husband – I mean something memorable for the day – bring him into a romantic and sexual episode at the early hour of the morning, that is, before dawn.

His mental and physical energy will have been refreshed to engage in sex very well. At such a time, you can do and undo to satisfy him. He will leave for his workplace, thinking of you. He may even send an erotic text message to you, wanting more.

In a situation when he comes back from office and he is stressed and worn-out, what would you do? Like women, there are times, when men may not be in the mood for sex. What men want from women?

Give him some massage. You need to make him feel relaxed. In order to romance him very well, you need patience just as he would take time to stimulate you for sex. You can’t rush it at all. Remember all you want to do is to give him a memorable sex as he would do to you. Learn about Lingam (penis) and Prostate (anal internal) msaage here.

For 15 minutes or more, rub or stroke his feet lightly. Then, move to his heels and begin to stroke his legs while he lies on his face. Do that for about 20 minutes. Slowly move up towards his thigh.

As get to his pelvic region, the massage should have been sending erotic message to his brain through the nerves. In all, don’t keep silent, talk to him. At the starting point, be natural or neutral, like, ‘this is gonna get those strains outta your body’; ‘cooool stroke…’; ‘pretty butts here, honey’. Your voice must be soft and gentle as you talk to him in a quiet, slow speech mode. At the pelvic region massaging, you may talk sexy, still keeping gentle voice.

He may be grunting or making some sound to show his pleasure. He will also talk back to you.

Then, let him turn his face up. Stroke his nipples. Gently lick or suck them (this probably shocks you because you have been made to believe that only women’s breast should be sucked!) Have some erotic kissing. You may lightly stroke his penis for 2 to 5 minutes. He will be ready to go.

If your desire is to please him and give him a farewell sex for the day’s work, you should not so much bother about receiving a corresponding sexual stimulation. Yours should be quick just to have some vaginal lubrication.

Just as men ought to know how to romance a woman, so also women should know how to romance a man. You can learn better love making tricks here.